About Us




P: M organic is a company that was found in the year 2000 in Michoacán, México from the idea of its founder, Mr. Jaime Paz. he wantedto be able to obtain the best fruits for his own consumption: the Persian Lime. Where he found the way to work and take advantage of the natural resources that characterize his region such as the fertility of the land where he sows and harvests, and the excellent wetather conditions. Inspired by the hard work that Mr. Jaime saw from his grandfather; Mr. Andrés Paz, with the unconditional support of his brothers,he started acquiring more and more lands increasing the production, generating thus, an important source of work for the region. As part of this growth and commitment, in January 2010, P:M Organic acquired lands where they began to sow and harvest avocado hass, year after year the company has been renewing and has kept growing steadily. Today, P: M Organic is a 100% Mexican family company that produces and distributes Limón colima and avocado hass throughout the country, united states and Canada, with social commitment, since they train and impel small producers of the region.


Produce the best organic fruits that represent the quality and freshness of the Michoacan region's agro-industry at international level, highlighting its process of cultivation, its certifications and origin.


Being a leading company in the production, packaging and exporting of Mexican organic products, seeking to generate presence (at a/ on a ) transnational level, with an elite distribution and with social responsibility that allows us to position our products based on its taste, quality and freshness, projecting an image and concept of Wellness and confidence.


  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Commitment