It’s important to know the products we consume every day, since its origin reflects its quality and freshness.

Our avocados and limes are planted in Michoacán de Ocampo, a state of Mexico famous for its warm weather and sub-humid climate, ideal for the production of these fruits. This turns Mexico into one of the main producers and exporters of such foods in the world.

Michoacán is the state of Mexico that produces more avocados and limes. In the case of yellow lemon, the main exporters are Spain, Argentina and Italy; Mexico and Brazil, in the case of limes.

The avocado production in Mexico represents more than 30% of the whole world’s harvest, according to an investigation done by SAGARPA, Michoacán is the first national producer of avocado with 84.3% of the area sown and 88.5% of the national production.